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RED Epic W #002587

DSMC MG PL mount 2.0

DSMC Canon EF mount 2.0

RED station mini mag reader

RED mini mag 480 gb

RED mini mag 512 gb

DSMC2 Low Light OLPF

DSMC2 Skin Tone-highlight OLPF

DSMC2 Standard OLPF

DSMC2 RED Touch 7in LCD

DSMC2 V-lock I/O Expander

DSMC2 Lemo Adapter A

DSMC2 Lemo Adapter B

LCD/EVF Cable (right to strait) 4ft

DSMC2 outrigger handle

DSMC2 Universal Handle

AC power for RED

Tilta Nucleus M FIZ wireless follow      focus (3 motor, FIZ controller,          Handle Controllers)

Laing x32 steadycam arm and vest

Manfroto tripod with 504HD head

Wrenches and Tools

Dovetail plate 12”                                  2060/2575/120ex

Unified Bridgeplate 19mm

Wooden Camera handgrip

     trigger box

Wooden Camera Easy top plate

Wooden Camera shoulder rig V2            (wood grips)

Wooden camera Rubber grips

      19mm rods 12”

Bright Tangerine Viv 2 matte box

Bright Tangerine Black hole donut

Bright Tangerine 19mm rod                    bracket

Infinity arm

Tiffen rota pola

Tiffen full spectrum IRND .3-1.2

Core SWX 2 position battery                   charger

Core SWX Hypercore 190WH (2)

Core SWX Hypercore 98WH (2)

Canon 5d mkii

4 LP-E6 batteries

3 Sandisk 128gb CF cards

Canon 24-70 F2.8 L series zoom

Canon 70-200 F2.8 L series zoom

Zeiss 50mm F1.4 prime lens

Zacuto fast draw shoulder rig 

Zacuto flip able reversible follow       focus 

Manfrotto tripod with 504HD head

Glidecam HD4000 Hand held (no       arm or vest)

Glidecam LAING X28 (with arm       and vest)


Senheiser lav mic

Shotgun mic

Macbook pro (for DIT)

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